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Positive Turbulence describes a climate that values and seeks novelty.

Positive Turbulence mixes novelty with the known and the familiar resulting in an energizing tone compatible with change by providing stimuli to motivated people who are looking for ways to make their own contributions to the renewal and success of the organization.

Leaders who foster creativity in organizations create a culture that values and seeks novelty from the outside. These outside sources include a changing economy, new technology, here-to-fore unknown competition, shifting demographics, social trends, and more. A manager and an organization that keeps on the lookout for these changing forces while simultaneously managing them for innovation can create novel and useful ideas and processes that solve the often-complex problems associated with change. Creative leaders create the meaning, set the tone for this culture and also a climate compatible with change. This reality has always been present but now that we operate in a global context and a wired world, the changes come faster and from more exotic sources than ever before in history.

Examples of change that indicate the potential direction for renewal of products, processes and services:

"Every 17 seconds for the next 20 years a baby-boomer will retire in the USA."

Within six hours by air from Singapore you can reach 2/3s of the world’s population.

In the year 2020, there will be 110 million Americans over 55 and likely competing for limited health resources.

"There are three billion people in Asia and two billion of them are in the MTV generation."

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